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Contact Us  

Contact Us
EIT Benefit Funds
221 N. LaSalle St., Suite 200, Chicago, IL 60601-1214

Main Phone Number: 312-782-5442
Main Fax Number: 312-782-4431
Unemployment Check Stubs Fax Number: 312-782-7240

Be safe! Do not send your SSN via e-mail!

General Questions

Email :


All EIT related questions


Phone Directory


Press 1:

For all Pension inquiries, including Pension Plan 5

Unemployment (SUB)

Press 2 :

To access main Unemployment directory

Press 1:

For general SUB inquires

Press 2:

To verify that your SUB fax has been received

Health & Welfare

Press 3:

To access main Health & Welfare directory

Press 1:

For Eligibility Hours, Death Benefit and Life Insurance inquiries

Press 2:

For COBRA, Self-Pay or Waiver inquiries

Press 3:

For Medical inquires

Press 4:

For Disability inquiries

Press 5:

For HRA, Workers’ Compensation  or Subrogation inquiries

All Other Departments

Press 4:

To access main directory for All Other Departments

Press 1:

For Contractors’ inquiries

Press 2:

For Reciprocity inquires

Press 3:

For Collections inquiries

Press 4:

For Accounts Payable or Invoicing inquiries

Press 5:

For I.T. or Web Support inquiries

Directory By Name

Press 5 :

To access the directory of staff members by name

Fund Administrator

Contact :

Sean P. Madix

Extension :


EIT Benefit Funds - Board of Trustees
Union Trustees
Donald Finn - Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees
Kevin Connolly
John P. Dalton
Christopher N. McCormick
Mario Miller

Employer Trustees
Kenneth Bauwens - Chairman of the Board of Trustees
Jack Block
Steven Diamond
Kevin M. O'Shea
Michael R. Walsdorf

Associate Union Trustees
Rueben Almendarez
John Carr
Natalie Cozzi
Jason Douroux
Thomas Manning

Associate Employer Trustees
William T. Divane
Mark Nemshick
Frank Peters
David Witz

All questions and requests for information should be sent in writing to the Trustees at the following address:

Attention: Fund Administrator
EIT Benefit Funds
221 North LaSalle Street, Suite 200
Chicago, Illinois 60601